The song “Johor Melody
by TANIMA was used as the basis
for the video by the YouTube channel @travelaround.



In the heart of the night, a voice so divine (so divine)
Whispering melodies, hypnotizing minds (ooh-yeah)
From the treasure of Johor, where dreams come alive (come alive)
On the border of Singapore, where passion will thrive

[Verse 2]

Soft and seductive, like a gentle caress (ooh-yeah)
Notes floating in the air, creating a sweet distress (sweet distress)
Johor Bahru’s treasure, a musical delight (delight)
A symphony of R&B, pop, and sultry vibes (vibes)


Johor melody, oh so heavenly (heavenly)
A gift for the night, a treasure indeed
Let the music guide you, let your soul take flight (take flight)
In the heart of Johor, where rhythm ignites (ignites)

Copyright ⓒ2024 by Tania Bianchi and Massimo Cozzi.