The song “Monkey’s Joy
by TANIMA was used as the basis
for the video by the YouTube channel @travelaround.
This is the link to the video:



In the jungle
Where the sun shines bright
There’s a little monkey
Filled with pure delight
Smiling wide
With mischief in its eyes
Somersaulting through the trees
Reaching for the skies

With each twist and turn
It dances in the air
A playful spirit that simply doesn’t care
The camera captures
Freezing the moment in time
A monkey’s joy Forever sublime

The little monkey swings and twirls (swings and twirls)
Lost in a world of wonders and pearls
With a smile so wide
It charms all who see
Oh. The little monkey Living wild and free

Copyright 2024 by Tania Bianchi and Massimo Cozzi.