The song “Rainy Days in Bali
by TANIMA was used as the basis
for the video by the YouTube channel @travelaround.




I watch the palm trees on the beach move in the rain
Feeling the rhythm as nature plays its sweet refrain (yeah, yeah)
The island whispers secrets in every gentle breeze
In this paradise
My heart finds its peace


As drops of water fall
Painting pictures in the sand
I close my eyes and let the sound guide me for miles and miles
Underneath the gray skies
I find solace in the storm
Embracing the beauty that this island transforms


Rainy days in Bali
Where my soul finds harmony (ooh-yeah)
In the melody of raindrops
I’m catchin’ serenity (ooh-ooh)
Through the window
I see colors in the sky unfold (ooh)
Rainy days in Bali
My heart’s never more gold (ooh-yeah)

Copyright 2024 by Tania Bianchi and Massimo Cozzi.